New Harvesters

#31 is delivered to it's new owner - Chris in Queensland.

and with some krazy Kalamazoo inspiration a new Harvester ( #38 ) takes shape ... many unique, custom parts on this one including the acrylic mini-humbucker surrounds.

thanks, AP



Some photos from the shop.

Basso Antonio - a baritone 30" scale guitar ( or is that a six string bass ? ) ...

Headstocks for new Harvester Antonio orders, photographed in-progress along with some new letterpress type for serial numbers and general foil printing of pickguards and trussrod - covers etc ...

A 12 string baritone scale instrument ( showing headstock and ply-template for body shape ) ...

thanks guys, AP


Harvester #32 and #33 

A brace of rustic, lightweight, resonant guitars - designed with the stage in mind.

The recycled/remilled timbers of the body are contrasted with Plexi guards, Plexi P90 pickups and cherry-lacquered necks complete with slab padauk fretboards.

One of these guitars has sold straight from the bench, the other can be completed to customer specs within the next month.

Full price including case is $2400 ( depending on pickup configuration ... one P90 style + one mini-humbucker perhaps ? )



Thanks, AP


Wandrè Book

A talented luthier friend and writer from Modena Italy has laboured for years to write a book about the life and work of Antonio Pioli.

Due for publication in April 2014 ( and available for pre-order now at a reduced price - including a limited edition one-metre tall poster/calendar ) author Marco Ballestri tells me that he has included images of hyrbid-neck Harvester 'Serie Antonio' guitars in a chapter showing Wandrè's ongoing influence on instrument making.



On the Repair Bench This Week

On the bench this week, a fragile old Epiphone 'Double Olympic' gets familiar with the old hide-gluepot ... i'm converting this into a single pickup guitar without it's current neck ailment - the 'Townshend Tremolo ' ...

next, this Silvertone Silhouette will get some odds and sods from my spare parts drawer to bring it back to life ...

and the Maton Fyrbyrds keep coming out of the woodwork ...

but this one really surprised me with it's workmanship and some very unique design.

an early ( first batch ? ) B C Rich Seagull - hand carved with rasps, violin knives and decades of flamenco guitar building skill. the pickups and toggle switch are ex guild factory, the through-neck design and body shaping are unique ... i love this era of Californian small-builder expertise. an inspiring guitar to work on.

more custom Harvesters soon !


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