Ordering a Harvester starts with an email.

For years I have left the ordering process free-form and have discussed options in emails with customers - but here's some information and examples to get you started.

I build these guitars in my one-person/one dog workshop here in Melbourne Australia.

From the very first sale I have shipped guitars around the globe to some amazing customers.

I quote for each instrument based on these emails but I can lay out some price guidelines here to simplify the process.

Base prices :

* In each case this base price covers construction of a solid body guitar with 2 single coil pickups and a hard tail bridge, supplied with a hard case. ( insured shipping and customs charges - if applicable - are not included ).

US$2600 For wooden necked instruments ( whether set-neck or bolt-on construction ).

US$3500 For Antonio Series metal-necked instruments.

From there I add to the quote as needed - for extra hardware or custom hand-made parts and time-consuming work like hollow bodies / binding / weird paintwork etc

One third of the total cost is required as a deposit ( via Paypal for international customers ).

The balance can be paid to any schedule up to the completion of the instrument.


Some examples of custom order prices :

Goldthwait guitar with Gotoh hardtail and Lance P90s : from US$2900 depending on details.