Hybrid Slot Headstocks



The Mastery Vibrato

I now have Mastery vibratos - branded with the Harvester Guitars script logo in stock for use on my custom guitars.

Mastery Bridge of Minneapolis MN are making incredible products, unique in the world of guitar parts. The bridge itself is a marvel of metallurgy as much as industrial design & precision engineering. Originally intended to resolve shortcomings in the Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge it is now, in it's various versions, a premium option for new guitar designs. The vibrato extends this attention to detail and materials to a new tailpiece design.

Designing new instruments around the high-sustain combination of Mastery vibrato and bridge has been fun this year, the results will soon speak for themselves.




Harvester #38 is another reverse-batwing extrapolation ... due for completion in Jun 14 and for sale here*

Now bathed in cherry lacquer and ready for wiring and assembly.

meanwhile - Serie Antonio metal necks are proliferating around here - most of these are for customer orders due within the next 6 months , but i also have some which i am building 'on spec' to sell thru this site.

thanks, AP



rainy day workshop pix 

prototyping some new parts on a rainy melbourne day after a visit to my TIG welder to see how the next batch of serie antonio metal necks are progressing.

and at the more traditional end of the spectrum - a mahogany and queensland maple bass, based on the full-scale 1960s epiphone embassy - fretted, painted and ready for an acrylic custom pickguard.


i wish that cavriago, italy wasn't so very far away this weekend.

wandrè celebration

i wish marco well on the launch date of his epic book about Wandrè the man, artist and luthier. regards to all my european guitar friends who are making the trek to rural italy for the launch party.

thanks, anthony


Serie Antonio details