Melbourne AU instrument repairs phone or SMS : 0434 944 104 or contact me here

I've been impressed with some of the vintage obscurities coming through the door for setups and repairs, I'll be posting some more photos in this section soon. I'm getting nothing but interesting questions lately and each aluminium-necked oddity, Italian bizzaro beauty, German 'dachbodenfund' or vintage, collectable American machine that hits the bench inspires me in my own work.

Setups from $90 + strings ( you're welcome to bring your own )

Wiring adjustments/fixes from $40 + parts.

Minimum bench charge for small fixes $40 ( this can cover a lot of ground )

Bone nut carving/fitting from $50

I have a repair workshop in western melbourne - open by appointment. If you live further away and wish to send me a challenge in the post, please feel free to contact me for a quote and a chat.