Evil Eyes - a collaboration with Jeff Raglus 

Jeff Raglus is an influential, inspirational Australian artist, his work spans pop, jazz, the commerical and the 'seriously out there'. I've been a fan since buying his amazing illustrated 'kid's books' ( I don't have kids. That's how good they are. ) back in the 90s and seeing his work for Mambo and in regular exhibitions around the traps. For a few years now we've been playing music together and it didn't take long for my tiny mind to hatch a plan for a three dimensional, playable collab ...

The guitar 'Evil Eyes' is a one off ( aren't they all ? ) 25" scale Harvester, made with recycled Queensland maple neck, recycled Vic ash body, Indian rosewoood fretboard, a 'Spaghetti Switch' and a handmade Harvester prototypic trapeze tailpiece.


The pickups are by Manlius in NY, they are strong P90 style pickups mounted in seethru Harvester resin covers.

Good, loud, clean fun !

Jeff's exhibition BE BOP POP is on now at 45downstairs gallery in Ye Olde Melbourne Towne and runs until easter, the guitar can be viewed and perhaps strummed in the gallery or contact me for more details.

It is of course for sale, comes with a moulded hard case, a string-up & setup to your desired specs and can be posted anywhere in the world.

Check out Jeff's show soon - featuring two years worth of his extraordinary output :

Cheers !





Some Harvester interviews :

An interview with my friend Stefano at the eternally stylish fetishguitars.

Stefano understands where i'm coming from and has a deep devotion to the same designs that inspired me along my way.

A podcast interview conducted by Jason Verlinde at the amazing Fretboard Journal.

Jason asked all the right questions !

thanks, AP




baritone HARVESTER on-stage with ADALITA

Secret weapon in the key of B :

Lewis from Adalita's band has been ( gently ! ) borrowing Harvester #51 for a big bartione sound on stage at recent shows.

... as shown below in these amazing pix from Christopher Trawn @ whatsound

* this unique instrument is for sale through foundsound in carlton, melbourne.





More live photos of Harvester guitars in action.

This time it's your faithful guitarmaker ( back on bass where he belongs ) with The Hired Guns backing Ron Peno for some long, loud shows reprising the songs on DIED PRETTY.

For the uninitiated - here's Died Pretty in 1987 :

This bass is the first in this new Harvester shape - the 'Goldthwait'

At 32" from bone nut to ebony bridge it splits the difference between the full-fathom Fender 34" scale and my beloved vintage 30" short-scale basses. More details, sale info and photos of the bass soon - having just strung it up, I couldn't resist taking it along to a few hectic gigs of this line up. With an 8k bar pickup ( wound with Gibson-green enamel wire by Jerry Sentel ) and a semi-gloss finished padauk neck, this lightweight, compact bass was a pleasure to play.

The incredible songs likewise.

Cheers, AP

photos by Jim Kyriakidis


Dandy Warhols' Pete Holmström on tour with Harvester #23

Harvester #23  'Recycler' ( 2012 )


both photographs ( Dandy Warhols at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne 25/8/14 ) by yana amur photography 

thanks yana.