recycled basketball court twelve string.

remiled douglas fir harvester custöhm.

28.5" scale Baritone Kitsch.


 star guitar 2018.

harvester blue byrd 2017

a shortscale re-interpretation of an antipodean rare bird from the 1960s.

deco appointments ... this harvester simpletone for sale now via

sean ono lennon sits in with the lemon twigs at soho grand hotel in NYC ... sept 2017 playing his sparkly, new harvester.

*pic courtesy of soho grand instagram feed

Fretboard Journal issue #39

I'm thrilled to see this feature on my work in the latest Fretboard Journal. A great article written by Mike Adams, with glorious photography by Kristoffer Paulsen.


sparkle motion.


Inspired by the framus television guitars of the 1960s this custom-ordered harvester gets all the trimmings - including two-tiered pickguard, mastery bridge and vibrato and a set of three tv jones t'armond pickups controlled by a latching-pushbutton array.

'Rhubarb' a custom offset with 'the full mastery' and a glorious set of lance amplification wide-range-t-bird pickups.

shortscale harvester lupine.

This guy has a 23.5" scale and an easy action bigsby, inspired by my love for little student guitars from the 1950s and 60s.



Here's a quick insta-review from WILCO HQ following the arrival of JEFF TWEEDY'S custom MASTERY BRIDGE equipped HARVESTER ANTONIO guitar.


HARVESTER guitars are made by hand here in Melbourne Australia.

Each one is a unique exploration of my own design obsessions and my customers' needs, wants & desires.

If you'd like to plan an instrument with me - get in touch.

There's a new page here with more details about ordering a guitar.



* photo by zoe barry. spiegeltent, brisbane festival 2016. harvester re-psych-ler played by jed palmer.

* some updates from the social media rhizome  at harvester_guitars@instagram



* one-off harvester recycler guitar with low tension bigsby * available now to play / purchase /destroy at FOUNDSOUND in melbourne, australia.


 harvester goldthwait 32" scale bass with brass and ebony handmade bridge.


business is booming at harvester.

turnaround times for new custom orders are currently at around 12 months for wooden-necked guitars and 16 months for antonio hybrid neck instruments.

i like to quote for each hand-made build individualy and get to know a little about my customers.

base prices for orders are US$2600 for wooden instruments & US$3500 for antonio series hybrid metal-neck instruments * this covers a solid-body, 2 pickup single-coil guitar with fixed tailpiece. from there i simply add parts and complexities/curlicues/doodads at cost and allow for any time-consuming diversions like binding, templating new designs etc

stay tuned for some harvester 'models' to simplify the ordering process, to offer some 'economy of scale' and to consolidate and hone in on some of my favourite tangents that i've explored in recent years.

* completed one-off guitars for direct sale here

cheers, AP

follow me on instagram at 'harvester_guitars' for pictorial diversion.

* HARVESTER featured in an in-depth, nerdy interview with Jason Verlinde from Fretboard Journal.

*allow 10 months for completion of wooden instruments, 16 months for metal-neck instruments.

i quote for each custom guitar build individually - contact me here for a quote - i enjoy the process !

occasionally i have stock guitars or interesting tangents and prototypes for sale here.

thanks, AP



 click below for a 30 second video as i set up this harvester antonio guitar ...

a quick vid of the hybrid - metal neck guitar's output.

mark ferrie - rockwiz orchestra - the models - the mercurials etc etc with his harvester bass.

Harvester Antonio #42

peter holmstrom of the dandy warhols - with his harvester antonio guitar 


and with harvester #23 'the recycler'

Puppies in the window at Foundsound in Carlton, Melbourne. [ Harvester #51 at left ].   * photograph by evan lorden esq.

These instruments are hand made in my one-man workshop in Melbourne, Australia. There are no 'models' as such, I am happy to repeat or revisit older Harvesters for new customers but I am also always looking for new antidotes and avenues to explore.

I ship guitars all over the world. Recent guitar orders have come in from Norway, Czech Republic, USA & Italy. My workshop in Seddon is also open ( by appt ) to Melbourne musicians for repairs, setups & restorations.

0434 944 104

'Harvester by Mastery' vibratos now available on new custom orders.


Harvester 'Goldthwait' model.

Beautiful, buttery remilled hoop-pine ( from a 1934 north queensland sugar warehouse ) with slender padauk necks.


Serie Antonio headstock - West Australian sheoak meets polished aluminium.


Some new Harvester Antonio drop-top bodies featuring cocobolo and vintage NOS formica.


* visit the HARVESTER PAGE on - a beautifully designed, non-profit site featuring an overview of 'different' guitar design from around the world, focusing on Italian oddities of the 1950s and 60s and now featuring my latest work with aluminium hybrid neck guitars.



Harvester #25 : Antonio Prototipo - details of construction here

 Harvester 22 sold to Daniel in Bergen, Norway *see also Completed Instruments