i make unique instruments from wood and metal, here in melbourne, australia.

i ship worldwide.

mark ferrie - rockwiz orchestra - the models - the mercurials etc etc with his harvester bass.

Custom orders from AU$2950 [ ~ US$2240 ] * one third deposit required.

Allow 6 to 8 months for wooden guitars, 12 months for hybrid metalneck Antonio style guitars.

One-offs, tangents and spec-built instruments for sale here *

*follow harvester_guitars on instagram for workshop updates.

Harvester Antonio #42

peter holmstrom - the dandy warhols - with his harvester antonio guitar 


and with harvester #23 'the recycler'

Puppies in the window at Foundsound in Carlton, Melbourne. [ Harvester #51 at left ].   * photograph by evan lorden esq.

* contact me here to discuss an order for a unique, hand-made HARVESTER guitar from AU$2950 [ ~US$2240 ] or from AU$3200 [ ~ US$2500 ] [ incl case, excl delivery ] for the hybrid metal-neck Antonio models.

one third deposit required to commence and to confirm delivery date - currently from 6 months for wooden guitars and 10 months for antonio hybrid neck guitars.

or keep an eye on the 'for sale' page for complete instruments.

* i ship internationally - check current exchange rates to see what your currency will buy in AU$ ( you may be surprised ).


cheers, AP


Harvester 'Goldthwait' model.

Beautiful, buttery remilled hoop-pine ( from a 1934 north queensland sugar warehouse ) with slender padauk necks.



Serie Antonio headstock - West Australian sheoak meets polished aluminium.


These instruments are hand made in my one-man workshop in Melbourne, Australia. There are no 'models' as such, I am happy to repeat or revisit older Harvesters for new customers but I am also always looking for new antidotes and avenues to explore.

I ship guitars all over the world. Recent guitar orders have come in from Norway, Czech Republic, USA & Italy. My workshop in Seddon is also open ( by appt ) to Melbourne musicians for repairs, setups & restorations. 0434 944 104

'Harvester by Mastery' vibratos now available on new custom orders.



Some new Harvester Antonio drop-top bodies featuring cocobolo and vintage NOS formica.


* visit the HARVESTER PAGE on - a beautifully designed, non-profit site featuring an overview of 'different' guitar design from around the world, focusing on Italian oddities of the 1950s and 60s and now featuring my latest work with aluminium hybrid neck guitars.



A word about ordering a guitar from Harvester :

Wooden necked custom instruments starting from $2850 including a case.

Serie Antonio guitars with hybrid aluminium neck from $3100 ( hardtail 2 pickups, solidbody ) including a case.

I require 1/3 of the build price up front. Completion takes 5 to 8 months, balance of payment is due before delivery.

Delivery worldwide via Fedex/UPS insured is at the customer's expense and currently averages around ~ US$200 to Europe/USA.

This price covers a totally handcrafted instrument in the style represented in many of the photos on this site, with a hard tail bridge. Complicating/time-consuming factors simply add increments to the build price, they also add fun to the whole process for us both.  Tremolo systems & other hardware are added to the base-price at cost.

I am happy to push each unique guitar project into new territory and don't charge extra for left-handed instruments. Feel free to contact me with an idea and I'll let you know when I can commence your guitar-build and together we can hammer out the details.

I think I have enough of my work shown here and on my flickr site to give an idea of what I'm into guitar-wise ... it's a niche and it's a pleasure to have carved out a little corner of the guitarmaking, guitarfixing world - hopefully without repeating the same-old same-old designs.

Harvester #25 : Antonio Prototipo - details of construction here

 Harvester 22 sold to Daniel in Bergen, Norway *see also Completed Instruments