AUG 1st 2010

Headless Hall of Horrors Part 1.



One czech double bass that rolled on it's wheel and hit the floor pegbox first at a theatre rehearsal ...



Pinned with steel rods, glued and finished in 5 days.



cheers, AP


JULY 2010


Hey there, not a lot to say lately ... I've been busier with repairs ( a couple of refrets on lovely old acoustic guitars for some fine local players & would you believe another Les Paul in pieces ... this time a 70's deluxe with Bigsby which met with an 'accident' ) and actually playing old musical instruments than I have been on the guitarmaking front.



Playing my old Maton JB4 for Black Cab single launch at East Brunswick Club.

Thanks Tim Casten for the soundcheck photos ...


Back into the 'shop tonight to remedy that ... got a couple of lefthanded projects to finish for you-know-very-well-who-you-are ( he's a patient man )


left-handed indian rosewood 'Custohm' fretboard, hand planed to rough radius before sanding to final 12'


Cheers, AP






Easter 2010

Hey, lot's of Harvester work going on lately.

Many repairs and set ups ...

Would you believe a Les Paul with a broken neck ???



And a stack of offset shaped guitars - one will be finished this week ...



... and a 12 string hockeystick, and a lefty and one for 'ron'

In other news the site is now 'UP' and pointed and all that ... so here we are.


Cheers, AP


Spraying Up A Storm

 Back to the workshop with a new spraygun, some new colour mixes ( including Burgundy Mist and a new shade of almost - Pelham Blue ) and a few guitars in need of colour.



With Insector Rex next door, attempting to howl down my new 7 foot fence and a chilly morning in the shed ahead of me, I'll reach for my mask and goggles and stomp back out to Harvester HQ.

 PS: Ronnie's book got a little thin towards the end as the predictability of his post - Faces luxury addled existence dragged on and on. Back to works of fiction for me ...




New Site - Sickday - Ronnie & Sam

Ronnie Wood - What a character ... I'm sick at home today, it's hailing and pissing down outside and I'm glued to the heater along with Olive the dog ( Harvester Guitars bottlewasher ). I have 'Ronnie' for company, his autobiography that is.

I also have the Sopranos Season 1 and a website to create ... but Ronnie keeps on calling me. The son of London gypsies ( hence the 'Cleopatra' boat-race ), water-gypsies to be precise, he's a bit of a 'good' bad influence on many people I can think of. It occurred to me leafing through the plates in the middle of the book, that all those Tony Zemaitis guitars that the faces had have been a big influence on my career ( cough ) path.

I've played a 12 string acoustic Z ( oval hole, if i remember correctly ) and a metal front electric Z. The electric was lighter than I had ever imagined and had a crack running thru the entire length of it's thin mahogany body, which no-one had been game to glue up yet. I guess there's a lot of screws holding things together there. I didn't get to plug it in, just to hold it and have a bit of a Neil Young/Maybelle Carter riff on it.

All the others that I have seen have been high up on Hollywood walls or behing glass in 'ponytail' guitar shops - no fun.

Before 'Ronnie' I read Sam Cutler's book 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'. An entertaining read.

Both of these books have to join a few obvious dots for the casual reader - you know, Ronnie tells us that Eric wrote 'Layla' about Patti & that The New Yardbirds ( that he narrowly missed joining ) would go on to change their name to Led Zeppelin.


It's my sickday, I can be impatient with a Legend of Rock when I want to ...

Most of the time Sam errs toward personal experience rather than conjecture and 'overview' of a generation.

I met him a few years ago when he guested on an album on which I played bass. The band, Black Cab got him in to say some words over a jam piece and he came along to our Sydney and Melbourne launches of the record to speak on stage.

He has some stories to tell. I play bass, so of course I asked him about Lesh and Bill and Altamont.

That's him rolling his own on stage at the Melbourne gig between Alex's 1968/9 'blocks and binding' Jag and James' 60's Mustang.

Well, I've turned my first post on here into a name-dropping rock n roll book review. It's still raining - no spraying lacquer this week, lucky I have plenty of sanding to do too. And takeaway curry to be getting on with.



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