A Meeting of the Aaron Huffman Admiration Society 
Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 8:16PM
Anthony Paine

On April 10th 2016 a musical memorial was held for Aaron Huffman, Seattle bass-guitarist, graphic designer and artist.

Aaron was a customer of mine and was to take delivery of a Harvester bass guitar this year, planned through many emails between player and luthier, both of us designers and bass players. I can't pretend to truly know my far-flung customers based solely on our nerdy exchanges about 'gear' but there was clearly some common ground between us and I enjoyed working out the finer points of an instrument with someone who really 'got' what I'm all about and could articulate the overlap between the form, function and history of the instruments that we know and love.

Photograph by Mindy Huffman

Aaron died in March of respiratory failure following a long illness - before his Harvester bass was completed.

The instrument was finished as planned and delivered to Aaron's wife Mindy in time for the memorial where it could be played by friends and bandmates along with Aaron's other instruments.


Nick Harmer ( with Aaron's Harvester bass ) and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie play a song by Aaron's band Harvey Danger at the memorial. * Photo courtesy of Robertsen Ashman

While working to finish the bass in time for the event I thought a lot about Aaron and after reading his friend's tributes in the days following his death, I snooped around to find out more about Aaron's music and his design work.

Check this out - a painting of Aaron's simply titled 'Sidekicks' ...

See some of Aaron's very cool design work here.

Known as the bass player and cofounder of the band Harvey Danger, Aaron was more recently the respected and apparently invaluable Art Director at Seattle weekly magazine The Stranger. You can read more about his work in this tribute.

One of the pleasures of my work is getting to know my customers. Through ( or in spite of ) all that gear-talk I get to meet some amazing individuals.

Thanks Aaron and Mindy,



Nick Harmer ( with Aaron's Harvester bass ) of Death Cab For Cutie plays a song by Aaron's band Harvey Danger at the memorial. * Photo courtesy of Robertsen Ashman


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