Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 12:28AM
Anthony Paine

More live photos of Harvester guitars in action.

This time it's your faithful guitarmaker ( back on bass where he belongs ) with The Hired Guns backing Ron Peno for some long, loud shows reprising the songs on DIED PRETTY.

For the uninitiated - here's Died Pretty in 1987 :

This bass is the first in this new Harvester shape - the 'Goldthwait'

At 32" from bone nut to ebony bridge it splits the difference between the full-fathom Fender 34" scale and my beloved vintage 30" short-scale basses. More details, sale info and photos of the bass soon - having just strung it up, I couldn't resist taking it along to a few hectic gigs of this line up. With an 8k bar pickup ( wound with Gibson-green enamel wire by Jerry Sentel ) and a semi-gloss finished padauk neck, this lightweight, compact bass was a pleasure to play.

The incredible songs likewise.

Cheers, AP

photos by Jim Kyriakidis

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