Friday, September 7, 2012 at 9:13AM
Anthony Paine

the brief : to furnish my guitar-collecting-customer's graphic design studio in one week flat.


my designer friends had some specific ideas re: the delicate look of scandinavian tables, the lofty/industrial utilitarianism of new york design/workspaces.

in around 5 working days i was able to build these four desks on site using recycled timber for the legs ( ex boeing factory flooring ) and that gloriously inert material - 25mm birch ply.

i figured a way to rout a mortise into the table for each leg - techniques borrowed from years of constructing jigs for guitar neck joints and cavities ...

this resulted in a method that while not fine, traditional carpentry - could be executed on site and with only a subaru load of hand-held tools.

while i was busy with a forest of table legs, the designers were throwing together a metropolis of 25mm plywood boxes to surround the shipping-pallet mezzanine/office space.

fun - problem solving on a larger scale - and a change from filing frets.


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