Bits & Pieces
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 12:59AM
Anthony Paine

2012 ...

Not much to show for myself - lots of things going on in the workshop, but I have a one-year-and-one-week-old broken camera ( I have owned some good old film-cameras for many, many years and can't seem to kill them ... I guess I looked at my sony digital sideways one time too many and it up and died )

I have a phone that doubles up on photos as long as the sun is shining so I've added some entries to the Triggers page showing some of the N.O.S. parts that are inspiring new guitar builds for 2012 and a look at some european industrial design from a bygone era.

There's been some more changes to design and links around the site and a many new pictures on my flickr of both Harvester progress and vintage gear.

Cheers folks, I hope you are as busy making music as I am ... remember : it's all about the song!


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