Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 1:10AM
Anthony Paine

thinking ahead to the Sassafras batch, i've invested some time and funds into casting my own plastic parts ...

and took the time to try out some pickups from the very clever Mick at Manlius Pickups in Syracuse NY.

above is his Rod P90 style and here are his Goatmasters ( skinny little Jazzmaster bobbins in a P90 shape and with fender rods ) in my tortoise shell covers ...


as you can see i loaded them into my old faithful #14 and then i played guitar for 4 and a half hours ... bad for my productivity today, but delightful, touch sensitive pickups with a sensational neck sound especially in this guitar.


resin knobs and switch tips to follow !

the possibilities are mindless ...


cheers, Anthony




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