Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10:55PM
Anthony Paine

many repairs completed and some new ones started ...

here's a few that have darkened the doorstep of my workshop lately.


a rare 1965 Gibson Non Reverse Firebird XII - smashed.


a rickety old German cat-eye jazzgitarre - cracking up.


a delightful 1966 jaguar ( Sonic refin ) with the insidious 'fretboard lift' up at the dusty end of the board.

( i didn't cut the binding, i think someone's been fishing under that end of the board before me )


restringing a Czech double bass with Velvet strings ( they're a little fatter than most and require some setting up )


fiddling with the switches inside my old Eko 1100 the night before a bass gig ( i just had to have that spaghetti bass sound ).


another Italian job to set-up. this one's a Crucianelli Elite ( 1965 )


there's been many more looking for love lately, now back to some guitarmaking !

cheers, AP



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